A Big Update To LaunchBar

My first love in launcher applications for the Mac received a big update today. LaunchBar was updated to version 5.5. The biggest changes include snippets and workflows as well as improvements with voiceover support, 64-bit compatibility and improvements for iTunes, Contacts, Calendar, iCloud document indexing and more.

We first covered LaunchBar on episode 7 of Mac Power Users. I've been a big fan of their software and used it religiously until Alfred 2 came out earlier this year when I switched over to prepare for our MPU episode on Alfred 2. With the switch to Alfred I initially missed the syntax I was use to using in LaunchBar, but eventually Alfred won me over with their Workflows and I continued using it even after the show. With this latest update, everything gets mixed up again part of me longs to go back to my beloved LaunchBar

As a heavy TextExpander user, I probably won't take much advantage of Snippets, but you can read more about them at the Objective Development Blog. Workflows looks very interesting as LaunchBar now provides tighter integration Automator workflows. I love creating geeky Automator workflows to solve problems, making them more accessible is a great thing.

Find outmore at the Objective Development website.