Add "Send PDF to Evernote" to the Print menu

One of my mom's new years resolutions was to start going paperless. As you can imagine, I was happy to help. I set her up with an Evernote account and a ScanSnap  S1300i. I keep things on my mom's MacBook Pro very simple and try to use the App Store whenever possible to install apps for ease of upgrading. 

As my mom got more comfortable with Evernote, she wanted to know how she could take documents she already had on her computer and send them directly to the application without having to send them through her scanner. I use the "Send PDF to Evernote" option in the Mac print dialogue screen. Unfortunately, due to sandboxing restrictions, that feature isn't available in the Mac App Store version of Evernote.

The solution is simple, you need to create an alias to the Evernote application and drop it into ~/Library/PDF Services. (The ~ means your user account, not the root level library folder.)  This can be a little tricky because is the ~/Library folder is hidden by default in OS X Lion and above. To see it you have to hold down the option key while selecting "Go" in the finder and the Library will become an option. If the PDF Services Folder doesn't exist, just create it but make sure you title it exactly that. 

To make things even easier, I found out my friend Brett Kelly (the man who wrote the book on Evernote) created a little chunk of AppleScript that will do all this for you.