Katie Floyd

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Amazon Now Lets You Rent TV Episodes and Seasons

I haven't seen this posted elsewhere, so it came as a surprise when I logged into my Prime Video account and noticed that Amazon will now let you rent TV episodes and seasons as opposed to buying them. The selection is limited and hopefully will expand to more items in their catalog.

Like other rentals, customers have 30 days from the date of purchase to start watching their rented season or episode and 14 days to complete viewing. The prices for rentals is less than purchasing. Most episodes rent for $0.99 and most seasons for $9.99. This compares with a $3.99 purchase price per episode and $29.99 for a typical season.

I'm thrilled to see TV rentals and hope it will spread further in the catalog and to other services. I most often order TV episodes when I've missed a single episode or want to catch up on a season. I rarely go back and re-watch purchased episodes. Rentals are very consumer friendly and allow us to catch up at a fraction of the price - which is why I'm afraid they may not become mainstream.