App Camp For Girls Fundraising Countdown - Go Team MPU!

Yesterday App Camp Founder Jean MacDonald posted an update on the App Camp For Girls fundraising campaign and what's at stake if the organization doesn't reach their goal of raising $100,000. The campaign is winding down with a deadline of July 1 to raise $100,000 and just over $46,000 to go as of the time I write this post. 

Earlier this month, David and I put out the challenge to Mac Power Users listeners to help us fund a Mac Power Users Team at an upcoming camp this summer. We offered to match out of our own pockets the first $1,000 of contributions. I'm proud to say that our audience has come through for App Camp in a big way and to date 77 listeners have contributed a total of $6035.00!  We were so blown away when Jean MacDonald joined us on MPU 260 to discuss her workflows for creating and running a nonprofit we decided to set a stretch goal to try to gain the support of 100 or more MPU listeners by the time the campaign closes. If we do, David will fly out to meet Team MPU in Portland and we'll Periscope some of their adventures.

We have one more week to help App Camp reach their goal, can you help us get there? To participate in our Team MPU challenge, here's what you do:

  1. Donate to the App Camp Indiegogo campaign as you normally would. You can even choose from one of the available perks.
  2. So we can "credit" your donation to Team MPU, e-mail a copy of your donation receipt (feel free to redact any personal information, but leave the amount) to with the words "App Camp 3.0" (no quotes) in the subject line.

Thanks for your support of this worthy cause.