App Pick: Calendar Paste


Calendar Paste is an App I first heard about from Brett Terpstra and I meant to mention it in the Mac Power Users Calendar Management show but neglected to do so. What brought it back on my radar, is Calendar Paste received an update this week for iOS 7.

Think of Calendar Paste like templates for calendars. I have a couple of appointments I set every month that have the same general information, but occur at different dates and times. Because there’s no set schedule, setting up a recurring calendar event isn’t an option. Normally you’d have to create a separate and new calendar event for each new appointment. While Siri and apps like Fantastical have made adding simple calendar events fairly painless, adding details for these events can still be a pain.

With Calendar paste, you can create a number of common events and include the title, location, duration, specify which calendar, alert information and any notes. Calendar paste will remember this and when activated, pre-populate a new calendar event leaving you to select only the date and time. It makes scheduling a breeze, click and go.


This has been a great asset to me when scheduling guests for Mac Power Users. Generally, I’ll create an event on a shared calendar, and include in the notes field a few paragraphs of standard instructions and technical information. Everything is pre-populated in calendar paste. When it’s time to schedule a podcast, I select the “Record Mac Power Users” template from my list and an event is created leaving the only task for me to send an invite to the appropriate guest.

While I most often use Calendar Paste for scheduling podcast recordings, an activity I do often enough to justify the app’s cost, I have also setup templates for other activities such as lunch out of the office, sporting events, family dinners and the like. Calendar paste is available for $1.99 in the App Store, and you can find more information at