Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver

I’ve been struggling with my home audio system. I want to be able to stream audio from my Mac, iPhone or iPad to any of a number of speakers throughout my house. Thus far, I’ve been doing this by setting up an AirPlay based network with a series of speakers and Airport Express base stations. Unfortunately, I’ve found the reliability of AirPlay lacking with regular audio dropouts and other odd behavior. I’ve looked at installing a Sonos system, but have hesitated because of its proprietary nature and the fact that outfitting my house with a complete system would cost in excess of $1,500. 

The B1 may be a solution because it allows you to add high-quality bluetooth to an existing stereo system or powered speakers. I’ve seen inexpensive Bluetooth adapters for speakers available for years. I’ve tried a few and been unimpressed. Audioengine’s B1 is very different. The B1 uses a high-quality audio converter and special circuitry and an antenna to provide a superior experience. I connected the B1 to a set of Audioengine’s A2 speakers sitting on bookshelves in my home office that I had previously connected to an Airport Express for AirPlay support. The styling of the B1s perfectly complemented the A2s. In terms of audio quality, I found a significant improvement when using the B1 to stream music and podcasts when compared to the same speakers over AirPlay. The connection was stable and I didn’t experience any audio dropouts.

At $189.00 the B1 is pricey, significantly more so than other bluetooth speaker adapters that can be usually bought for $50 or less. But this may be an instance where you get what you pay for. The B1 isn’t designed to be plugged into inexpensive computer speakers, in fact, you won’t find a mini-audio jack on it. Instead, the B1 is designed specifically to connect to stereo systems or powered speakers. If you’ve already invested in high-quality speakers or an audio system, adding a B1 is a great way to upgrade your system to stream virtually any type of audio from your digital devices.

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