Avoid Embarrassing Typos: Change El Capitan Look Up Preferences

I’ve never been a great speller and it’s especially difficult for me to catch typos in my own writing. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that Apple’s built-in spell catcher has been failing me more often in El Capitan.

Recently in a post I used the word “amaizing” instead of “amazing” and the built-in spell check didn’t catch it as an error.

Since this was happening more often, I did a little digging I discovered that Spotlight thinks “amaizing” is the title of Track 4 on a Kanye West album. Perhaps Spotlight is pulling from a typo in the hidden meta data.  Typos hidden in meta data, Wikipedia or other sources Apple uses for look up data could be causing you problems.

This Apple Support Article on Look up words and El Capitan offered some guidance and clues for a fix. First, I turned off Wikipedia as a source in the preferences in Apple’s Dictionary App. (Contrary to popular belief, Wikipedia is not an authoritative source.)


Next, I turned off “Allow Spotlight Suggestions in Look up” in the Spotlight System Preferences.


Hopefully these two changes will help avoid (some) future embarrassment by pulling look up information from only standard (and hopefully correct) dictionaries.