Big Day for Transporter Owners

If you have a Transporter there were a couple of big updates today. First, version 2.0 has gone to full-on public beta status. If you're one to try public betas, this is a nice upgrade as version 2.0 brings a simplified setup and use and allows Transporter to work much more like Dropbox. You can manage everything directly from the Finder, email individual file links and forget about having to use the web for management of documents and folders. You can read about the announcement on Connected Data's blog.

After you upgrade to version 2.0, you'll also want to grab their newly updated App for iOS and Android which was also updated to version 2 today. The biggest new feature is what I like to call the "Katie Floyd Feature" (I'm very disappointed they didn't officially name it this.) That's the ability to upload photos and video from your iOS device on the go to your Transporter. I previously used Dropbox photo upload for this, but now don't have to worry about data storage limits.

Perhaps I can't take ALL the credit for this new feature, but I will say about six months ago I was talking to the guys at Connected Data about my upcoming vacation and said "You know what would be really cool...if I could upload all the photos I took from my iPhone to my Transporter just like I can with Dropbox..." A couple days later I heard "Geoff [Barrall, CEO of Connected Data] likes your idea and is sketching some stuff out..." so here we are today.

You're welcome.

Disclosure: Connected Data and Drobo are Sponsors of Mac Power Users