Breaking News App and service Shutting Down

Posted by @BreakingNews on Medium:

NBC News, has decided to shut down the Breaking News service at the end of the year. and the Breaking News app will stop providing updates and alerts on Dec. 31.

This is very disappointing. I use the Breaking News App and service exclusively to receive push notifications for news I was interested in. My favorite feature about the service was that I could curate news I wanted to follow and receive push notifications and updates about those events. For example, I choose to receive push alerts for major stories, stories that were near me, and topics related to Apple. Sadly, many of the other news services I’ve tried (I’m looking at you CNN) were far too liberal with their definition of “major news events” and seemed to take advantage of push notifications.

If you have suggestions for a replacement that will allow you to curate news and alerts based on topics please drop me a line on twitter. I’ll report back if I find a suitable replacement.