Bulk Convert Word Documents to Watermarked PDF files

I frequently prepare documents that I send off to clients or other parties to review. Generally these documents are created in Word or another text editor but I want to send the draft document in a PDF format, stamped as a draft.

MacOS makes it easy to print a file as a PDF and tools like PDFpen and Bronson Watermarker make it easy to stamp a PDF document as a draft. But what if you have a lot of Word documents you want to process in bulk, convert to PDF and stamp as draft. This happens frequently when I’m sending a stack of draft estate planning documents off to clients.

User Automation to the rescue! Sadly, Microsoft no longer ships Automator plugins any longer, but I found an AppleScript that will do the trick.

Plugging the AppleScript into Automator allows me to quickly and easily convert a batch of Word documents into PDF.

Luckily, Automator also has a feature that will allow you to add a watermark to PDFs. There’s a walkthrough of this workflow as well as sample files available on MacOSXautomation.com.

I put all the variables together in automator, added a few bits to rename files to suit my needs and saved it as a service. Here’s what the final service looks like:

Now, I have one click access in the finder to take any word file and export it to a watermarked PDF. Let’s hope Apple doesn’t abandon user automation is MacOS in the future.

Thanks, Sal.