BusyCal 2.5 Released with Exchange Support


Today BusyMac released BusyCal 2.5 which adds Exchange support and other major updates to their calendar app. If, like me, you haven't been satisfied with Apple's Calendar.app, BusyCal is worth a look. For several years I've been a BusyCal user as it included advanced features beyond those offered in iCal (now Calendar.app) including additional calendar views, customization over appearance, more robust alarms and sharing features.

Unfortunately a couple of years ago I had to stop using BusyCal as my primary desktop calendar when my job moved to Exchange for calendaring. I've been begging the developers to add Exchange support so I could go back to my beloved BusyCal and today they answer the call. In fact, after beta testing BusyCal 2.5 for the past several weeks I can tell you the developers of BusyCal have managed to implement better Exchange support than Calendar.app. For years I've struggled through buggy permissions and sharing issues using iCal and then Calendar.app. Switching back to BusyCal and working with the developers these past few weeks has been like coming home again, I couldn't be happier.

BusyCal costs $29.99 (U.S.) and is available through the Mac App Store. BusyCal 2.5 is a free update for existing BusyCal 2.0 customers. If you want to try it first, you can get a full functioning 30-day trial at www.busymac.com.

Disclosure: BusyMac is a Sponsor of Mac Power Users