Byword for iOS!


Disclosure: Byword is a sponsor of Mac Power Users. However, Byword is a sponsor or the podcast because they are my favorite text editor on the Mac, not vice versa. I would not be writing this post if I did not love what they're doing.

David Sparks turned me on to Byword for the Mac several months ago. Whenever I need to write a long form blog post, review, or any other text that doesn't have to be formatted in Microsoft Word (yuck) it's my application of choice. The interface is clean and elegant, it does only what it needs to and lets you write without a lot of extra distractions and fluff. Yet Byword has powerful tools that serious writers want without having to access a dozen different toolbars for configuration. Today, Byword released their iOS application and updated their desktop App to include iCloud support.

The "dream of iCloud" is realized in Byword. All of my text documents, automatically updated and with me everywhere. The iPhone App is good, but this will become my default writing application on my iPad. It also exports clean HTML via a copy HTML feature that I use in the desktop application all the time. Great for blog posts on the road and until Daniel Jalkut brings us that iOS version of MarsEdit we all are clamoring for. Oh yeah, and it supports TextExpander - hallelujah thank you developers!

I see myself getting a lot of writing done with this app. I may even go out and buy one of those fancy iPad external keyboard cases.