You may have heard me mentioned on a recent Mac Power Users, I’ve got some big changes happening in my personal life. Today I start a new job.

For the last 8+ years I’ve been working as an associate attorney. If you’re not familiar with the legal profession, this generally means working as a salaried employee and reporting to the partners at the firm. It’s a stepping stone that usually provides some level of security and stability during the first several years of an attorney’s practice. 

No more.

I was approached with an opportunity to join a friend’s growing firm.For the past year I’ve been going back to school part time working on my LL.M, a Masters of Law in Taxation which involves an additional 26 credits after receiving a Juris Doctor. I’m focusing my studies in estate planing which happens to be one of the main areas of practice of my new firm. I’m continuing my studies this year and should finish the degree in May.

This new opportunity will give me the ability to manage my own practice, shift more of my work into my new field and, best of all, work with some amazing people. It also has some great perks like having a more flexible schedule, better work/life balance, and happens to be only 5 minutes away from my home. 

I’m very excited about this opportunity. Though admittedly, a little nervous about not having salary and a steady paycheck for the first time in my adult life. I likely would not have been able to make this change without Mac Power Users and would like to say thank you to our sponsors and listeners, and especially to my pal David Sparks. I also owe great thanks to Myke Hurley and Stephen Hackett at who have exceeded my every expectation since we joined the network.

I’ve got a very busy year ahead professionally with building the new law practice and finishing my degree. But I also plan to make more time for my side ventures. Mac Power Users will of course continue and one of my goals is to use some of my flex time to expand this site and post more frequently. I’m going to also try to make more time for podcast appearances and freelance writing. If you have an opportunity, please feel free to get in touch.

One more may have noticed I recently acquired the domain.   If you haven’t already, I’d appreciate it if you’d take a moment to subscribe to the RSS feed.  If you are a current subscriber, please make sure your RSS feed is still working (did this post appear?) as some people are having problems with the feed when SquareSpace switched over domains. You may need to resubscribe. 

Thanks for everything.