Chapters — Add MP3 chapter markers to your podcast.

Thomas Pritchard released on the Mac App Store today. It's a way to add chapter markers to MP3 files. 

We receive a few requests each year for chapter markers or to create "enhanced" podcast for Mac Power Users. There have been technical and workflow reasons that we haven't implemented this to date. Previously chapter support required creating an "enhanced AAC" which caused feed compatibility issues, and until recently there was no good way to add chapter support to MP3s. That seems to be changing with the introduction of and more, but not all, pod-catchers supporting MP3 chapter markers.

I'm not sure a show like MPU lends itself to a number of chapters. And I am concerned about the additional time investment required in producing and editing the show with chapters given the small number of people who have requested this feature from us in the past. However, I have picked up a copy of will experiment with it in the coming weeks.

You may see some *limited* chapter markers on MPU in the future and we'll see how things go. But no promises...