Cloak VPN becomes

The makers of the Cloak VPN service announced today they have officially rebranded their product as From their blog:

Cloak is now The applications you know and love have largely gone untouched. You’ll notice a new logo and a new look and feel but won’t have to re-download anything...Along with the new name, we’re thrilled to announce the release of the long-awaited and much-anticipated Windows client...

I've been using Cloak as my VPN provider for years. I like it because it works on my Macs, iPhone, and iPad and the hallmark feature is it will automatically secure my connection when I connect to an unsecured or unfamiliar wireless network without me having to remember to toggle anything on.

My only hesitation in recommending Cloak in the past has been the lack of a Windows client as most of my colleagues in the legal world still use PCs. This transition solves that.

Though I must say, I really liked the Cloak name.