CMD-D Automation Conference

Sal Soghoian is the master of automation on the Mac. David and I were privileged to speak with him on Mac Power Users earlier this year.

Last week Sal announced the first-ever CMD-D: Masters of Automation Conference. Taking place at the Santa Clara Convention Center on August 9, 2017. CMD-D is designed for anyone who uses automation, creates automation or develops software.

Attendees will learn about powerful automation capabilities hiding in plain sight, user-friendly Automator power-tricks, the latest developments for cutting-edge dual-platform automation for macOS and iOS, and more. Registration for CMD-D is open today at

CMD-D has a few powerhouse names behind it. In addition to Sal, Jason Snell is slated to host a discussion on automation and its future as part of a live Six Colors Podcast. Paul Kent, who has decades of experience producing macWorld expo and Naomi Pearce are collaborating with Sal on the project.

For more information or to register, visit