CNET: How to restart a FileVault-protected Mac remotely

I mentioned on the Mac Home Server episode of Mac Power Users one of my problems remotely managing my Mac mini was restarting it with FileVault 2 protection enabled. This required me to keep a keyboard and trackpad for the mini, which is connected via HDMI to my television, so I could authenticate and unlock FileVault when the mini restarted. It's a bit of a pain but I thought keeping FileVault enabled was worth the extra annoyance for the occasional time I have to restart.

Turns out, there's a terminal command to restart a FileVault 2 protected Mac. Topher Kessler at CNET explains the details in his post, but in short you simply open the terminal and type the following command: 

sudo fdesetup authrestart

I've tried it and it works. After typing the command in the terminal you're prompted for your user password, then a warning appears about the security implications and after entering your password again the Mac restarts. When the Mac comes back up it's on the lock screen and can be accessed via ScreenSharing. This little tip just made my life easier. In fact I just created a TextExpander snippet so I don't have to remember.

Thanks, Topher!