CrashPlan Discontinues Consumer Backups

 You might have heard the news that CrashPlan is discontinuing their consumer backup plans. CrashPlan will honor existing memberships and will give members a 60-day extension to find and implement other backup alternatives, however, CrashPlan will not sell or renew any consumer plans.

Joe Kissell at TidBITS has a comprehensive article explaining the move.

According to Code42, the company has seen tremendous growth in revenue from its small business, education, and enterprise customers, but the needs of those customers have diverged sharply from the needs of consumers. So Code42 decided to put all its resources into serving its most profitable customers.
As a result, CrashPlan for Home will be discontinued entirely on 28 October 2018.

CrashPlan is offering their subscribers a discount on the Small Business plan (which currently costs twice as much as the home plan) or suggesting they move to Carbonite.

I was a CrashPlan subscriber for years but ultimately moved to Backblaze after I became fed up with unresolved bugs and their non-native app. I've been really happy with Backblaze and currently use the service to backup my home and office computers. For Mac users, I think it's a superior choice to Carbonite.

One of the sticky points about Backblaze is while they support external drives, they only do so if that drive is directly attached. Backblaze won't backup Network Attached Storage such as a Synology or Drobo. I get around this limitation by buying a really big USB hard drive that I encrypt and keep connected to my computer. Once a week, usually in the wee hours of the morning, I use a program like Carbon Copy Cloner or ChronoSync to automatically sync the data from my Synology to that drive. That external USB drive is then backed up to Backblaze. It's a roundabout hack, but it also has the benefit of giving me a local backup of my NAS data in the event I need to restore it quickly.

If you're interested in trying Backblaze, here's a link with my affiliate code that will give you a free trial and me a free month. Win/win. :)