CrashPlan on Drobo 5N and the 3.6.3 Update

Back in December, I wrote a fairly comprehensive post detailing how to get CrashPlan up and running headless on a Drobo5N. In the past few weeks, CrashPlan began rolling out an update to their application (version 3.6.3) that broke the Drobo install.

Thankfully, the Drobo community, particularly “Ricardo” has set out to update the CrashPlan App and get it working again with the Drobo. The process is detailed in this forum thread, but if you want to skip to the download for the latest version of the CrashPlan App and installation instructions, you can find those here.

I ran into some problems with the upgrade instructions and will candidly tell you I don’t know enough to work my way out of it, so my solution was to simply uninstall CrashPlan and the helper applications from my Drobo and simply walk back through my original instructions using the updated CrashPlan app. This process worked for me.

One word of warning, you will want to make sure that you preserve your backup archives so you don’t have to re-start your backups from scratch. I have over 90 GB of data backed up to my Drobo via CrashPlan and it would have taken me weeks if not months to get everyone backed up again. The backup archives are located in: DroboApps > crashplan > app > backupArchives

Make sure you have a backup of this folder. I simply moved the folder into the root level of the DroboApps folder temporarily while I performed the upgrade/uninstall/reinstall then replaced the new (and empty) backupArchives folder with my saved data. When I got CrashPlan updated and up and running it picked the backups back up right where it left off.

I’m pleased to say CrashPlan is now running smoothly again on my Drobo. I hope in the future Code42 and Drobo can get together on an officially supported App that won’t break anytime it’s updated. For now, updates seem to come infrequently enough (maybe a few times a year) that while a pain, this manual update process is well worth the trouble.

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