Crippling the iPad mini is a Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Like many watching the Apple announcement last week, I was surprised and disappointed by Apple’s failure to bring a significant update to the iPad mini. I bought the retina iPad mini last year. Having owned both a full-sized iPad and a mini, I have a strong preference for the mini form-factor in a tablet and no desire for a phablet phone.

For starters, the iPad mini will fit in my purse, full-size iPad, even the super-slim iPad Air 2, will not. When I decide to take my iPad mini with me on the go, I don’t have to think about carrying a separate bag. Additionally, I find the iPad mini to be the perfect size for reading. It’s very comfortable to hold in one hand for long periods of time. In the year since I’ve purchased the iPad mini, I’ve read significantly more ebooks than in year prior. 

There is lots of speculation out there as to why Apple failed to give the iPad mini a comprehensive update along with the iPad Air. Maybe Apple feels the needs to keep separation in their product line between the two devices. (Though, I would argue that by keeping older iPads around they’ve only served to create more confusion.) Perhaps if the iPhone 6+ is a success, it is designed to take the place of the iPad mini all together in the future. Or maybe the iPad mini simply isn’t as profitable or popular and thus not as worthy of a significant update. For whatever reason Apple has chosen to relegate the iPad mini to second-class iPad status which, in my opinion, is simply setting it up for failure.

I guess I’m going to have to get a bigger purse, that’s all there is to it.