Deal: A Year of Backblaze Offsite Backup for $25

Last month I wrote about my switch to Backblaze for online backup. I also mentioned in that post that I’m still running an instance of CrashPlan on my Drobo 5N to allow a few family members to back their data up to me and that one of my goals for this year was to promote “backup independence” and wean them off reliance on me for backup. The spectacular Backblaze promotion right now over at StackSocial has offered me that opportunity.

StackSocial is offering a one year Backblaze membership for $25. That’s half off the normal price. The catch is, it’s only good for new customers. But, I can buy the promotion and give it to a new member. When you purchase through StackSocial you’re given a promotion code that can then be redeemed within 30 days for a year of offsite backup when a new account is created.

I’m taking these promotion codes and making up my own little gift certificates and giving them away to family members. (Hint: Fathers Day is right around the corner!) I’ll set my family member up for the first year of offsite backup, disable their existing backup to my Drobo and then they’re on their own. Win-win.

The StackSocial promotion ends tomorrow!

Disclosure: Backblaze was a sponsor of Mac Power Users. While their sponsorship run has since expired, if you decide to purchase one of these memberships, if you would let them know you heard about them from our show, David and I would appreciate it.