Dragon Dictate 3.0 for $99

In the last Mac Power Users David and I discussed dictation in depth. David talked about the differences between the built-in dictation features in Mavericks on using a dedicated program like Dragon Dictate. (David also wrote about it for Macworld here.) The general consensus is while Mavericks dictation is good, Dragon Dictate is still the gold standard for Dictation on the Mac.

David convinced me I needed to pickup a copy. Lucky for me, a couple listeners were kind enough to point out a special deal that is valid another three days where Dragon Dictate is available for $99 (50% off the regular price.)

You purchase through MacAppDeals.com which gives you a code you then take to the Nuance website to finalize the transaction and complete the download. I've bought it myself and while the download is large (about 2GB) it's a killer deal.

Direct Link: Dragon Dictate for $99.99