Ethan's Easter Challenge (Updated)


I know you usually read this blog for tech related items. But today is something a little different. My friend Ethan Becerra is on a mission to feed 5000 needy people by this Easter Sunday. He has only three days left to reach his goal. Oh yeah, and he's 7.

Ethan is the son of my good friends Nick and Heather Becerra. Heather and I practiced law together several years ago when I was first starting out and she and Nick were my first friends in a new town when I was feeling lost and overwhelmed.

Regardless of your background, personal religious believes or nationality, I hope you'll agree this little boy is doing something remarkable. And yes, Ethan, I'm pretty sure grownups have $2 too.

Below is a short video (1:45) explaining Ethan's quest as well as links to donate and other media coverage.

Update 2012.04.09: I just received word that thanks to the generous donations from across the globe, Ethan has exceeded his goal of 5000 meals. In total, funds were donated to provide 8,295 meals. Ethan's new goal: raise enough money to feed 10,000 people by the end of the school year. My personal thanks to everyone who participated.

Way to go Ethan!

Donate to Ethan's Easter Challenge

Ethan on King 5 News

Ethan's Easter Challenge from Seattle's Union Gospel Mission on Vimeo.