Evernote Adds Business Card Scanning

I've been looking for a good business card scanner for iOS for a couple months. I previously used CardMunch from LinkedIn because it was quite accurate, but I always had concerns about the information LinkedIn was collecting about me and my contacts. For a while, I tried Evernote Hello. While the App experience was good and the data recognition excellent, but I found it limited the information it stored. For example, it didn't store secondary phone numbers, titles or physical addresses for contacts. This is a problem in my business.

Today, the Evernote iOS App was updated with an additional feature for premium users, the ability to scan business cards. The card itself is stored within Evernote (I created a new notebook called Business Cards for this purpose) but the information is editable and can be automatically stored in the iPhone's Contacts App which makes it very useful to search and sync across all your devices. You can optionally choose to share your contact information with someone after scanning their card, or link to LinkedIn to pull in more information about the person whose card you just scanned.

I scanned a few cards today and found it worked well. This was just the solution I was hoping for. Check out the video from Evenote below.