Evernote Essentials v. 4

Brett Kelly is the man who wrote the book on Evernote, literally. We've had Brett stop by Mac Power Users to talk about Evernote and share the story behind his wildly popular book, Evernote Essentials. Today, Brett released version 4.

Most people know I'm a big fan of Evernote, and use it to organize many aspects of my life from receipts to research. But a lot of people don't quite "get" Evernote and how it can fit into their lives and workflows. Or, they're using Evernote, but they're just not using it to the maximum potential. I get it, there is so much power packed into this app it can be overwhelming. I'm regularly asked I use Evernote, how I get the most out of it, and what types of things people can use Evernote for. I share a few tips (just search this site or macpoweruesrs.com and you'll see it's a topic I like to talk about) but my best tip is to go buy Brett's book.

Evernote Essentials v. 4 is normally $29 but is currently on sale for a launch promotional price of $14.99) and is available via ePub, PDF and Mobi versions when you purchase from Brett directly, or you can purchase from iBooks. I think this is the first time Evernote Essentials has gone on sale, so if you've ever thought about buying the book, do it fast. It includes 160 pages of explanations, tips and best practices for integrating Evernote into your life. (Want more info about what's inside, here's a snapshot of the Table of Contents.) Best yet, Brett releases all the updates to his book (four major ones already) free for the life of the product.