Evernote Premium, Scrivener & Printopia in MacHeist Bundle

I'm normally not a fan of bundles, but for $30, there are a few jewels in the latest Mac Heist bundle that are worth a look. Evernote - I love Evernote and have been a premium user for years. Right now you can either activate a new premium account or extend your existing account for 15 months.

Printopia - Have a "dumb printer" you want to turn into a "smart printer" this is the tool. Run this on your Mac and now your iOS devices will be able to print to your connected printers or save to Evernote, Dropbox and similar services.

Scrivener - For long form writing and research this tool cannot be beat. David and other authors swear by it.

There are other apps too that I'm not as familiar with. But the three above alone are well worth the price of admission. The bundle sale ends in two days.