Evernote Steps Away From Privacy Policy Changes

Last week I wrote about Evernote’s changes to their privacy policy that would allow some employees to access user data to “exercise oversight of machine learning technologies.”

The Internet responded very negatively towards the proposed changes causing Evernote CEO Chris O’Neill to write a follow-up post attempting to better explain the changes and the limited scope of access employees would have to data.

Still, that didn’t help to quell user concerns. Shortly thereafter, Evernote announced they would not implement the previously announced Privacy Policy change.

It should be pointed out that similar to many cloud service providers, Evernote’s existing privacy policy allows Employees to access or review notes under certain circumstances. We all need to be mindful of the type of data we store in cloud services, the type of encryption used and the service providers terms of service.

Evernote says in the coming months they will be revisiting their privacy policy to address customer concerns. I’m still using Evernote as a premium subscriber but this is just one of many events recently that has me looking at alternate solutions and the type of data I store in the service.