Finding and Comparing Digital Cameras

As I mentioned on the podcast, I'm looking forward to a big trip to Alaska later this summer. My entire family is taking a two week trip with a combination of one week cruise, one week land excursions. I've spoken to several people who have been on similar trips and they rave about the experience as one of the best of their lifetime. As the resident geek I've been tasked with preserving these memories by choosing a new digital camera that's easy to carry around, will produce spectacular pictures and has a great optical zoom.

I have an old point-and-shoot Canon I haven't used the camera in years since the iPhone is more than capable for my needs. I don't have kids and photography isn't my hobby so until this trip I haven't seen the need to spend the money on a new digital camera, until now. I know DSLR is the way to go for ultimate in configuration and image quality, but not sure I want to carry around the bulk of a DSLR or spend that much money for something I'll so rarely use.

I pinged a few of my photography friends for advise and John F. Braun (co-host of the Mac Geek Gab Podcast) pointed me to the SnapSort website which is an excellent resource for searching for cameras with specific features (in my case, travel size, excellent zoom and maybe a GPS) and comparing them against other models.

For what it's worth, I'm currently looking at the Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100, the Canon Powershot G15, or just biting the bullet an picking up the Nikon D5200 and perhaps looking to re-sell it after the trip. I've got some time so if you have any thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment.