First Look: MOS Go USB-C Battery Pack

Charging a laptop with a battery pack was something that has previously only been done with expensive adapters. With more laptops switching to USB-C for power, battery packs similar to the ones we carry to recharge our iOS devices can now be used to recharge computers. Of course, not all batteries are created equal. Most batteries designed for cell phones and tablets will not be able to keep up with the power demands required by laptops and may only provide a minimal charge to a USB-C notebook, and only then if the notebook is powered off.

The MOS Go is a battery with 12,000 mAh, 44.4 Wh capacity which the manufacturer claims will recharge a 2015 MacBook up to 75% capacity. More importantly, it will also provide power to a MacBook that is powered on, meaning you don’t have to shut down your computer to recharge the battery. I viewed a video demonstration provided by the manufacturer where a MacBook with the screen at 50% brightness was connected to the MOS Go and was able to gain about 30% charge over 30 minutes.

The MOS Go has a single USB-C input and thus requires a USB-C cable to charge, but has both standard USB and USB-C outputs. This means you can recharge both your USB-C laptop as well as an iPhone or iPad with a single battery pack. With a 12,000 mAh capacity, the MOS Go should charge most smartphones up to four times and most tablets twice.

I’ve been playing with a MOS Go for about a week now and it’s a nice battery. The build quality is solid and I like that it has dual USB and USB-C outputs. My only wish is it has both USB and USB-C inputs for recharging. If you have a USB-C capable device, like the new MacBook or one of Google’s Chromebooks, adding a USB-C power pack to your travel bag is something worth considering. You can order the MOS Go direct from the manufacturer for $119.95. It’s also available on Amazon.

Now, if only I could get Apple to release a new MacBook Pro with USB-C ports…