Free iPhone Liberation Kits from iFixit

The folks at iFixit have declared July 1-5th Liberation Week. They're giving away their iPhone Liberation Kits free for just the cost of shipping. The kits are available for the iPhone 4/4S or the iPhone 5 and include a pentalobe screwdriver, a phillips screwdriver and phillips screws. The idea is you replace the proprietary pentalobe screws with standard phillips ones to "liberate your iPhone." Shipping starts at $5.00.

Be aware that altering your iPhone may void your warranty or otherwise cause Apple to cringe should you need service in the future. If you're still covered by a warranty, proceed with caution. But I like the idea of being able to repair my own devices and appreciate the opportunity to get my hands on a pentalobe screwdriver set. If you want to hear more about iFixit and repairability of your tech, have a listen to episode 97 of Mac Power Users, featuring iFixit's Kyle Wiens.

Note: as of this post they've given away over 1,775 kits and are currently sold out. But they've lowered the price of the kits the rest of the week to $0 so you can pre-order or be notified when they're back in stock.