Hiya: Filter Spam Calls

 My recent calls list, with telemarketers and suspected spam flagged thanks to Hiya

My recent calls list, with telemarketers and suspected spam flagged thanks to Hiya

Recently I’ve been receiving more and more spam phone calls. With iOS 10 Apple allowed developers to create extensions that would interface with the Phone.app and allow incoming calls to be checked against a database of suspected spammers.

Out of desperation, I’ve tried a few of these Apps claiming to screen or block suspected spam callers as they’ve popped up in the App store. Thus far the only one I’ve found that has worked somewhat reliably is Hiya. (Glenn Fleishman writing for Macworld has a more extensive review)

Once installed and configured, Hiya will display a caution sign under the caller ID of an incoming call if it suspects the call may be suspected Spam based on is database. Hiya can also be configured to block suspected spam calls automatically. For the full benefit, you must integrate Hiya with the Phone.app in Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification.

One concern of note, Hiya requires users to provide access to their contacts, a request that always makes me leery. Hiya told Macworld the data is required to add contacts to its whitelist and the information is kept private. Still, be aware. After a few months of use I’ve found Hiya overall accurate with a few bugs that have been fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

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