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How Apple Lost My $1,000

If you regularly read my website or follow me on Twitter you’re probably aware that I recently bought a new 13" MacBook Pro. I’m fairly frugal, this is my first computer purchase in a long time and I held out for the long-awaited MacBook Pro refresh. You’ll get to hear what I think of the new MacBook Pro in the next episode of Mac Power Users.

Since I haven’t bought a Mac in a while, this also represents my first Retina Mac and I was looking forward to being able to purchase a new Apple Retina display to go with it. Sadly, Apple has decided to get out of the display business, but they did partner with LG to make a 27“ 5K display that for all practical purposes is the successor to the Apple Cinema Display. It even includes an iSight camera, built in charging and USB-C ports. Unfortunately, doesn’t exactly have the aesthetic we’ve all become accustomed to for Apple products (I’ll say it, it’s ugly). It also came with a hefty price tag of $1,299.95. (Apple is offering ”limited time pricing" of $947 through the end of the year.)

I was willing to get over the looks and the cost and accept this was the price I must pay to have the best display available to match my new MacBook Pro. Problem was…I couldn't buy it. Had the LG/Apple display been available for purchase the day I ordered my MacBook Pro I have no doubt I would have gritted my teeth and added it to my cart. But I couldn’t.

So I wait…and I chain together all kinds of dongles and adapters and find out my existing non-retina 24" Cinema Display isn’t that bad with the new MacBook Pro. So I start thinking.

Word comes earlier this week that the new LG/Apple display is finally available for purchase. So I open up my Apple Store App with my ApplePay at the ready and am prepared to buy. Except, it isn’t. Apple apparently listed it briefly and pulled it from sale again…Sigh.

Now I start thinking. Do I really want to spend $1000 on a display? Do I really need 27"? That’s awfully big? Do I really need 5K? Maybe 4K is enough. The more I think about it, the more I find the effects of the reality distortion field start to dissipate and I talk myself right out of that $1000 display.

Earlier this week with the advise of The Wirecutter and several friends from Twitter I ordered the Dell Ultra HD 4K Monitor P2415Q. I was able to pick it up, along with the necessary Display Port to USB-C cable for about $350 on Amazon. It will arrive on Friday.

Sorry, Apple. You had two clear opportunities to sell me your fancy new display and you blew it. I got a Dell.