I'm off to Blogworld 2010

Blogworld Logo I'm off to the Blogworld New Media Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada next week. I'm flying out VERY EARLY Thursday morning, but the good news is that because of the time changes I'll land in Vegas by 10am which will give me most of the day in town. I'll be around Thursday - Saturday and flying home again on Sunday. It's a fairly quick trip but unfortunately that's all my work schedule will allow at the moment. I've never been to Las Vegas before, much less to Blogworld so I'm not sure what to expect. More than anything I'm looking forward to catching up with some of my podcasting friends, seeing a few of the sights and hopefully learning a thing or two about the new media business. Because of the cost involved in just getting out to the show and accommodations I opted not to spring for any of the conference sessions. I may change my mind and pick up a pass when I get there. To be honest, this is more of a social event for me than anything else. It's been a particularly stressful summer for me at the day job and I wouldn't mind lounging in the lazy river at the Mandalay Bay for a while.

This trip marks another first for me in that it's the first time I'm going out of town without my Mac. I've decided to go iPad only on this trip. It's only four days so I figure I can manage it. If nothing else, David and I are going to make a Mac Power Users show out of the experience as he recently did a vacation iPad only.

Not sure yet what the plans are for any tweet-ups or events. I know a couple other Mac Podcasters will be attending as well. You can follow me on Twitter for more information. If you're at the show and happen to see me, please come up and say hello!