I'm on Vacation!

I'm on vacation the next two weeks. I'll be spending the next 16 days cruising up the Alaskan coast then trekking through the countryside. Wi-Fi will be spotty so don't plan to hear much from me. But, don't worry, I've made arrangements for you. David and I have been hard at work the last few weeks pre-recording shows so your weekly episodes of Mac Power Users will continue to flow as normal. When I come back, we'll be prepping for our big 150th Episode. I've also pre-written and scheduled a handful of blog posts while I'm gone. Hopefully everything works because I'll have limited ability to fix anything till I get back.

I'm taking along a variety of new gadgets with me to try. I have a new set of bags courtesy of Tom Bihn and a Kensington MobileLite Wireless for storage on the go and a Kanex DoubleUp for keeping all my gadgets charged. Expect reviews of everything when I come back.

For the times I do have connectivity, if you want to keep tabs on what I'm doing you can follow me on Twitter or for more photos check out my Instagram feed.