iOS 9 App Gems

With the release of iOS 9 this week, several of my favorite apps saw significant updates and a few new apps that are sure to to become fast favorites were released. Here’s a quick roundup of a few of my top iOS 9 picks so far:

  • 1Password - This App received a complete redesign for iOS 9 as well as some great new features. You can now use spotlight to find 1Password items without launching the App, slide-over and split view support makes it easy to copy/paste passwords between apps on the iPad, landscape mode is now supported on the iPhone 6 Plus, Diceware support is added in the password generator and you can now use ForceTouch to lock 1Password on the Apple Watch. - Free with In App purchase to unlock Premium features.

  • Due - Just last week I reviewed how I used Due and commented I wish it had support to automatically import reminders from certain lists. Guess what, it was added in the iOS 9 update along with the ability to access iOS reminders along side Due reminders and slide over and split view support. A welcome upgrade. - $4.99

  • Cloak 3.0 - A major re-write to the Cloak application, users now have the ability in addition to auto-securing connections to easily swipe VPN service on and off with a simple switch in the App, including the ability to temporarily turn off VPN on networks that have been auto-secured. Cloak now syncs settings via the cloud so after the initial setup users won’t have to re-sync their settings after every minor change. - Free, subscription required

  • Instapaper Instapaper keeps getting better with a redesigned interface, iPad multitasking support, better text-to-speech support and picture-in-picture video is now supported for Vimeo and YouTube saves - Free, with subscription option

  • Peace - Peace is a content blocker by Marco Arment that works with Safari in iOS 9 and speeds up web browsing by blocking most ads and trackers. You can optionally hide most comments and comment forums and block external web fonts. It’s powered by the Ghostery engine. - $2.99

There’s a lot of controversy about ad blocking, given that ad revenue is one of the primary (if not only) sources of income for web publishers. As someone who receives part of their income through advertisers on my podcast and this website I’m particularly sensitive to this issue. But I also am a consumer of the web and have seen may sites get out of control with their advertising. Peace includes a whitelist to allow you to bypass and allow ads on preferred sites. While it’s a bit of a pain, I’ve made it a point to go through and add most of the sites I visit regularly with non-invasive ads. If you choose to run a a content blocker, I’d like to respectfully ask you to consider doing the same. 

Update: Marco has since made the decision to remove Peace from sale. His blog post is here. Marco is a friend and I wish him well.