iPhone Dives Into Lake, Lives To Tell Tale

I’ve been very fortunate that to date I’ve never broken an iPhone. My dad on the other hand...not so lucky. There was the phone that went through the washing machine, the phone that was run over by his car, the phone that fell out of his front shirt pocket, the phone that fell into his ice tea glass, and the phone that spontaneously shattered. (Yeah, he’s not fessing up to what happened to that one.)

Needless to say, my Dad is a prime candidate for AppleCare+, but has already used his two accidental damage replacements this cycle. So, for Christmas I bought him a Seidio OBEX Waterproof Case (About $60 on Amazon). The case was recommended by The Wirecutter for the iPhone 6 Plus.  While  it’s bulkier than I would personally prefer, for an everyday case, it's not bad. The case is waterproof and is designed to protect the iPhone from the impacts of everyday life.

I just received word this week that Dad’s iPhone took a dive to the bottom of the lake - and lived to tell the tale.

Apparently he was walking down the dock when the iPhone fell from his hand, bounced off dock, then fell into the water. Thankfully the phone was in about waist-deep water but the bottom couldn't be seen so it was submerged for 30-45 minutes while they tried to find the phone. When it was finally pulled off the bottom all was well, and I received the following text moments later: