John August's Bronson Watermarker Updated and 50% Off

On Episode 190 of Mac Power Users, John August spoke about his App development and we discussed his App, Bronson Watermarker for making personalized watermarks on PDF. As an attorney, I send out confidential and draft documents regularly and using an App like Bronson Watermarker is great for identifying documents and making sure unique copies can be identified and traced if necessary back to their source. You can find more information about the App on their site.

John discussed a major update was in the works and as of this weekend it’s now live in the Mac App store. The new design is georgous. I’ve been using the beta for a bit and it’s really a simple and elegant solution to one of my everyday tasks. Best of all, it’s on sale 50% off through June 8th.

Pick up Bronson Watermarker in the Mac App Store.