Joshua Rogers: Automating Export Of Handwritten Notes to Evernote

In Mac Power Users Episode 100, Jeffery spoke about his writing workflow and how he used the Notability App to replace his handwritten journal. Jeffery was then exporting his daily writings into Evernote. Evernote is a wonderful tool for something like this because it has the ability to recognize handwriting for easy search ability. However getting items into Evernote from Notability and properly organized may present a few challenges. Joshua Rogers has been pondering on this and came up with a solution.

Check out Joshua’s blog post for the full work flow. But in essence it involves saving the Notability note to Dropbox, then setting up an IFTTT recipe to monitor the dropbox folder and send it to Evernote. To cap it all off, Joshua uses some Hazel geekery to clean things up.