Katie's Week In Review: April 3, 2016

The iPad Pro and iPhone SE were delivered to the first batch of consumers this week and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Here are the links of note for the week ending April 3, 2016:

  • Apple celebrated its 40th anniversary this week on April 1st. There were a number of retrospective pieces on the web this week. A couple of my favorite were form Jason Snell including his personal history with Apple, written for Macworld and a video by Walt Mossberg for the Verge talking about some of the Apple products that he thinks changed Apple and society. Joe Rossingol Mac Rumors also has a fairly comprehensive timeline reflecting on Four Decades of History.
  • The 9.7“ iPad Pro was released this week. Mine arrived on Thursday and while I admittedly miss the size of my 7.9” iPad mini, I am enjoying the features of the 9.7" iPad Pro. I’ll have a more in depth review later. In the mean time, a couple of my favorite published reviews include Walt Mossberg at Re/code and David Pogue at Yahoo Tech
  • Apple also introduced some new accessories along with the new hardware. [Jason Snell reviewed the Smart Keyboard for the 9.7“ iPad Pro](https://sixcolors.com/post/2016/03/keyboard-for–97-inch-ipad-pro/). Much to my (and Jason’s) surprise, he liked it. Jason is notoriously picky about keyboards to the fact that he found it acceptable has me actually thinking about picking one up. Federico Viticci reviewed Apple’s new 29W USB-C Power adapter and iPad Pro fast charging, which is currently only supported on the 12.9” model iPad
  • Apple has released Safari Technology Preview. This is a version of Safari for OS X, distributed by Apple that includes the latest WebKit features but is also signed so it will work with iCloud features. Note that this may not work with all your plugins.
  • Apple also released iOS 9.3.1 which includes a fix for a bug related to universal links which caused some apps to become unresponsive after tapping on links.
  • Apple has released two short films for Autism Acceptance Day featuring an autistic teenager, Dillan, highlighting how the iPad has helped Dillan communicate with the world around him. Katie Dupree of Mashable has more information about the films and the apps and technology that Dillan uses to communicate.
  • The FBI’s case against Apple was officially dropped this week following when the judge granted the FBI’s motion to vacate its petition to force apple to help it hack the iPhone that was used by the San Bernardino shooter. As Arik Hesseldahl reports for Re/code, the FBI has acknowledged they have gained data on the specific iPhone 5c running iOS 9 in question in this case, but declined to speculate on what that may mean for future cases. Though the FBI has indicated it will work with local law enforcement to unlock iPhones that may hold evidence in other cases.