Katie's Week in Review: April 30, 2017

It’s been a very busy week for me so I’ll be a bit abbreviated in my week in review this week. Nevertheless, I anted to share a few links of note for the week ending April 30, 2017:

  • Apple Celebrates Earth Day - Apple.com - released a new video series to celebrate earth day this year and highlighting their green initiatives. John Gruber also sat down with Apple VP Lisa Jackson for a special Earth Day edition of the Talk Show that is well worth a listen.
  • Apple SVP of retail Angela Ahrendts on launch of Today at Apple - CBS News - Apple is evolving the Apple Store experience by launching dozens of new hands-on educational sessions at the Apple retail stores. Apple seeks to turn the stores into a “modern-day town square” where the experience is more social in addition to being focused on products and support.
  • Apple is in talks to launch its own Venmo - Recode - Apple Pay is great, but the next step is allowing iPhone owners to easily send money to each other. I’d love such a service to be able to securely, easily, and hopefully freely, be able to send money to my iPhone using friends and family direct from my bank account.
  • Check Out the Lexus That Apple’s Using to Test Self-Driving Car Technology - Bloomberg - So perhaps the rumors of project Titan’s death were premature. Apple has obtained a permit to test self-driving car tech on California roads.
  • Amazon’s new Echo Look has a hands-free camera - SixColors - I have no idea what to say. Clearly, Amazon is very interested in becoming a clothing retailer but I’m not sure the new “Echo Look” fits with the Echo line of products. I’ll admit I’m curious about the technology, but this is a product I have absolutely no personal interest in and kinda freaks me out.
  • My thanks to MailButler for sponsoring the site this week. If you have a product or service you’d like to feature on this site, please get in touch.
  • Finally, I’ve been away so am a bit late in posting. However, a very moving video tribute to Carrie Fisher was shared earlier this month at Disney’s Star Wars Celebration. If you haven’t seen it, take a few minutes of your time.