Katie's Week In Review: August 7, 2016

We continue in the lull of summer with not a whole lot of exciting tech news to report. Nevertheless I did manage to find a few interesting links of note for the week ending August 7, 2016:

  • Apple released iOS 9.3.4 this week with a single security fix. Notably, this patch fixes the “Pangu jailbreak exploit” related to a memory corruption issue.
  • On the topic of security, Rene Ritchie of iMore reports that Apple has created a new security bounty program which launches in September offering cash rewards for reporting of security vulnerabilities. iMore has an FAQ on the program.
  • Apple released their long awaited Remote App for the fourth Generation Apple TV. Instead of an update to their existing App, this is an entirely new application available for iPhone. There are some pros and cons of the new application, Dan Moren, writing for Six Colors, has an overview.
  • Writing for Recode, Peter Kafka says that Apple is working on a new digital TV Guide type system to tell users what’s on Apple TV and how to watch it. According to Recode, the idea is to let users see what kind of programing is available through their various video apps and services without having to open the individual applications. Supposedly the “single sign-on” service previewed at WWDC earlier this year was the first step of the plan. I can’t help but think that TiVo does something similar with their “OnePass” feature that allows users to browse and record shows from a variety of different services.
  • The 2016 Olympics kicked off in Rio this week. Though I’m not a huge sports fan, I do like to watch the highlights. I’m primarily watching NBC’s primetime coverage using my OTA Antenna. However, watching the Olympics can be a problem for cord cutters, especially if you want to watch the games live, not delayed. Michael Ansaldo writing for TechHive has put together a guide for how to watch the Olympics without paying for cable TV.
  • Logitech just released a new Create Keyboard for the 9.7" iPad Pro. Oscar Raymundo at Macworld takes a first look. This cover features backlit keys, has a row of iOS specific shortcuts, and includes a protective folio case with holder for the Apple Pencil. I just bought the Apple SmartKeyboard and back case a couple of weeks ago. Although I’m happy with my setup, I might have opted to try the Logitech had I waited a few more weeks.
  • Federico Viticci at MacStories highlights a problem with Stolen iPhones and Identity Theft and shares the story of very convincing phishing attempt his mother received after having her iPhone stolen a few weeks prior.
  • One of my favorite Apps, 1Password has introduced a new subscription service for individuals. (Don’t worry, the standalone service isn’t going away for those of you that are happy with that service.) The new subscription service offers some additional features including built-in automatic sync, data loss protection, web access to all your data on 1Password.com and includes access to all the the most updated versions of all the 1Password applications. Pricing for an individual plan is $2.99 a month with a special launch offer offering 6-months free.
  • The OmniGroup also announced a major update to an App I use regularly, OmniFocus now supports end-to-end encryption. Thanks to recent updates to all the apps on their platform, data Synced to the OmniFocus servers are now securely encrypted when at rest on the server. One you’ve updated all your devices, you’ll receive a notification that your database is available for upgrade.
  • Finally this week, for years the original model of the U.S.S. enterprise has hung in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. However, for the past several it’s been relegated to the gift shop as the model has deteriorated. The Enterprise was recently restored to its original glory and is now back on display in the Milestones of Flight Hall. Here’s a video showing the process of the restoration.