Katie's Week in Review: December 11, 2016

The holidays are quickly approaching but there’s still time for more Apple news before the year ends. Here are a few links of note for the week ending December 11, 2016:

  • In its new Apple v. Samsung ruling, the Supreme Court has changed how patent damages are calculated - This week the Supreme Court issued a ruling that will change how judgments in patent infringement cases are awarded. In a unanimous decision, all eight Justices agreed the juries do not need to award damages based on the profits of an entire product if the item consists of many parts. This tosses out Apple’s $400 million damages award and send the case back to the lower court to figure out a new damages award. In short, this will go on for a while longer.
  • Apple Music Hits 20 Million Subscribers - Eddie cue and Zane Lowe sat down with Billboard to talk about Apple Music and shared that the service has crossed the 20 million paid subscribers mark. Exclusive releases have fueled the popularity of the service and Cue says he expects the exclusive content deals to continue for the foreseeable future.
  • An oral history of ‘Get a Mac,’ Part 1 - I loved the “Get a Mac” of the early 200s. Here’s a behind the scenes look of how the ads were came to be made.
  • Apple’s Mysterious AirPods Delay Marks Rare Misstep - One of Apple’s most popular holiday items, the AirPods are still MIA. According to an article int he Wall Street Journal the problem supposedly has to do with syncing up audio. Still no official word form Apple on when AirPods will be available.
  • Apple’s new Single Sign On feature needs an asterisk - I was excited about the “Single sign-on” feature promised as part of tvOS 10. Sadly, tvOS came and the feature was conspicuously absent. Then, it was promised as part of an update in December. Apple has rolled-out Single sign-on - kinda. Turns out that only a handful of applications and pay-tv providers support Single sign-on with some very notable exceptions. So, that’s a bummer.
  • Apple Publishes Best of 2016 App Store Lists - The end of the year means it’s time to make lots of lists. Apple has published their annual “Best of the App Store” lists for 2016. There are some great App ideas in here so take a look.
  • The Best USB-C Adapters, Cables, and Hubs to Connect Old Accessories to Your New Laptop - My go-to source for reviews, the Wirecutter has published a list of their best USB-C adapters. since I’ve been buying a lot of USB-c accessories lately this list was particularly helpful.
  • Apple Believes MacBook Pro Graphics Issues May Be Fixed in Latest macOS 10.12.2 Beta - If you’ve been following me through the podcast or on Twitter you’ll know I’ve been plagued with problems with my new 2016 MacBook Pro including poor battery life, frequent crashes, failure of apps to launch, crashing on sleep/wake, “black screen of death” and more. After extensive conversations with AppleCare my machine is being replaced and my new Mac should arrive mid-week. Given the extent of my issues, I feel they’re probably hardware related. But if you’ve having issues, you may want to try the 10.12.2 beta. At this point it probably can’t hurt.
  • A wish list for the iPad Pro in 2017 - Jason Snell pens an opinion piece for Macworld on what he would like to see in the iPad for 2017. David and I recorded a podcast this week on using the iPad as a laptop replacement. It’s interesting to see where we agree and disagree.
  • Unboxing Apple’s Ugliest Mac - Stephen Hackett grows his Mac collection. have fond memories of working on this all-in-one G3. Watching Stephen unbox this monster brings back a lot of memories.