Katie's Week in Review: February 26, 2017

The spaceship campus gets a name, more Mac malware in the wild and more. Here are the links of note for the week ending February 26, 2017.

  • Apple Park opens to employees in April - Apple - Apple’s new “spaceship” campus will open in April and is officially named Apple Park and will feature an auditorium named for Steve Jobs. Given the timing, I can’t help but wonder whether some WWDC events will be held at the new campus.
  • Mac ransomware on piracy sites - Malwarebytes Labs There’s more Mac malware on the loose. Pro tip - stop pirating software and you can save yourself a world of hurt.
  • Apple Extended its MacBook Pro Anti-Reflective Coating Repair Program - Mac Rumors - If you have a 12-inch MacBook or MacBook Pro from 2012 - 2017 and have had problems with the anti-reflective coating wearing off, Apple may repair your screen free of charge.
  • Apple Says Third-Party iPhone Screen Repairs No Longer Fully Void Your Warranty - Mac Rumors - If you had your iPhone screened repaired at one of those pop-up shops or another third party provider that repair would previously void your iPhone warranty. Apple has reversed course and now says they will honor the phone’s warranty so long as the issue being fixed does not relate to the display itself. Flat rate repair on an iPhone screen is not that much more than third party shops, if you can opt for Apple or an authorized repair solution.
  • Amazon Goes with First Amendment to Protect Alexa Recordings - The Mac Observer - While Alexa isn’t supposed to be listening unless you use the wake word, Amazon is attempting to protect stored Echo recordings as free speech. Amazon is currently fighting a warrant for Echo recordings as part of an Arkansas homicide investigation claiming communications with the Echo is protected by the First Amendment.
  • 10.5-Inch and 12.9-Inch iPads May Not Ship Until May or June - Mac Rumors - Rumors have been buzzing about a refresh to the iPad Pro line with a larger screen. Expectations are running high for a Spring Apple event given their lack of updates to products in 2016. Now the rumor mill is saying that the long-awaited iPad refresh may be delayed.
  • Overcast 3: Design walkthrough – Marco.org - My podcast App of choice, Overcast, was updated this week. Overcast 3 brings design changes as well as under the hood improvements. Jason Snell of Six Colors, shares how he’s using Using Overcast 3 for podcast triage.
  • Adventures in Siri failures: Reminders edition - Six Colors - Dan Moren shares one of my constant frustrations with Siri, an unpredictable user experience. One day you’ll stumble upon the proper magic incantation that will make Siri obey your command, the next day she refuses to obey the same phrase. So frustrating.
  • Pulling Back the Curtain on the Latest Generation TiVo UI - TiVo - One of my other favorite products, TiVo is about to get a major UI overhaul. Codename Hydra, the new UI tries to combine sleek aesthetics with usability. Based on the preview, I’m not sure I’m a fan. The UI seems cluttered and busy. Hopefully there are settings to tone it down.
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  • Finally, it's coming in 2017. Here's a look at the state of Apple Park: