Katie's Week In Review: February 7, 2016

Another week, another week and review. Here’s a list of the links of note for the week of February 7, 2016:

  • More news of Apple’s rumored spring event. This time John Paczkowski of Buzz Feed sets the date at March 15th and says Apple is set to debut a new iPad Air and a smaller iPhone along with new Apple Watch bands
  • Walt Mossberg, writing for The Verge, has a new column calling Apple out for their inconsistent software experience. Many in the Mac community have been making similar statements for a few years now, but when Walt Mossberg speaks, Apple tends to take note. Mossberg discusses his piece in more depth on his podcast this week, it’s wroth a listen.
  • Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac has details of a company-wide Town Hall held by Apple CEO Tim Cook. According to Mark, topics on the agenda included employee benefits, iPad growth, Apple Watch sales and retail stores in China.
  • When Apple released Time Machine they brought easy backups to the masses. While there’s no doubt that using Time Machine is better than nothing, I personally have found it to not be the most reliable backup method. John Martellaro wrote an article for The Mac Observer about why Apple’s Time Machine Fails User Needs.
  • I’m a “cord cutter” and while I’m not a Hulu subscriber, I know many of my fellow cord-cutters depend on the service to watch current-season television shows and other content. There is some concern that Time Warner, Inc. may have an interest in acquiring a stake in Hulu and then shutting down streaming of current-season television shows. Moisés Chiullan has some interesting analysis of the situation.
  • Now that we’ve started things off with a fairly negative tone, it’s probably time to turn to something a little more warm and fuzzy. Myke Hurley wrote an article for iMore about podcasting and the relationships he’s created through the podcasting medium.
  • Apple has had an iPhone upgrade program that will allow customers to bring in an older iPhone model to trade it in for credit towards the purchase of a new iPhone. However, according to Mark Gurman at 9to5 Mac they will be expanding the program to cover damaged iPhones and screen protector installations. I’ve known many people who have suffered for months with damaged phones for months until they were eligible for an upgrade because they didn’t want to pay for costly repairs. this program, combined with Apple and carriers moving away from subsidized phones could help end that.
  • Some interesting acquisition news. Accessory maker Zagg has announced that it will acquire Mophie. The purchase price is reported to be $100 million. Mophie is best known for their line of battery products, including battery cases. Chance Miller at 9to5 Mac has more details.
  • Finally, my friend Stephen Hackett recently celebrated his 30th birthday with a new acquisition, 20th Anniversary Mac. Stephen is a collector of Apple products and this is one of the most unique and unusual computers Apple ever made, it will certainly be a jewel in his collection. In addition to the writeup on his site, Stephen made a video showcasing his new toy: