Katie's Week in Review: July 31, 2016

This week saw Apple’s Third Quarter financial results and a billion iPhones sold. Here are the links of note for the week ending July 31, 2016:

  • Apple reported its Third Quarter Results. You can find the official report on Apple’s website. Rene Ritchie and Mikah Sargent of iMore have prepared a transcript of the call and Jason Snell of Six Colors has a slew of charts and commentary breaking down the quarter. Although the year-over-year numbers for iPhone were down, probably due to the amazing success of the iPhone 6 last year, Apple did manage to beat expectations for the quarter. The third quarter is traditionally Apple’s worst. Next quarter we’ll hopefully have a bump from “back to school” sales, but right now there’s not a lot of new product out there for people to buy.
  • Apple also announced this week that it sold its one billionth iPhone. Yes, that’s billion with a “B”. When Apple announced the iPhone less than 10 years ago Steve Jobs said they were just hoping to capture a portion of the phone market. Turns out they’ve managed to create a product that completely changed the world.
  • Speaking of the new iPhone, it seems like a pretty sure deal that the new iPhone released this fall will lack a headphone port. As reported by Jeff Gamet of The Mac Observer a new video making the rounds on the Internet claims to show Apple’s own Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter. While I have no doubt that Apple will release such an adapter or something similar, I doubt they will ship it in the box as doing so would 1) almost be an admission that removing the headphone jack might have come too soon and 2) negate the opportunity for add one sales. I bet we’ll see another $9.99 - $19.99 adapter as an opportunity for an add-on purchase.
  • As reported by Chance Miller of 9to5Mac, Apple has purchased the rights to ‘Carpool Karaoke’, a popular Late Late show segment and will release new episodes via Apple Music. Aside from Beats One, this is really the first time we’ve seen Apple purchase content for redistribution and seems like an odd move. We’ll see where this goes.
  • Daisuke Wakabayashi of the Wall Street Journal reports that Special Consultant and former Apple Executive Bob Mansfield will oversee Apple’s Car Project. Bob will supposedly be working directly with Jony Ive and senior managers on the car project are now reporting directly to Bob. If this is true, it sounds like things may be getting real.
  • While the Apple Car is likely a ways off, Harish Jonnalagadda reporting for iMore says that Ford will be integrating CarPlay into all of its 2017 vehicles. CarPlay will come as part of “Sync 3” which Ford has announced will be integrated in all of its 2017 cars, SUVs, light trucks and electric vehicles.
  • Kara Swisher of Recode reports that Verizon will buy Yahoo for $4.83 billion with the core business being merged into AOL. Verizon will keep the Yahoo brand. It’s hard for me to get excited about any Yahoo news since I’ve long since stopped using any of Yahoo’s core products or services, given the relatively low acquisition price it sounds like a lot of other people have too.
  • As reported by Thomas Reed of Malwarebytes Safe Mac Blog, there’s new cross-platform malware, Adwind, which can also infect Macs. The Malware requires the installation of Java, which does not come installed natively on the Mac, and isn’t code signed, so Gatekeeper will top it, but it’s out there nonetheless.
  • Adam Engst writing at TidBITS alerted me to another possible vulnerability. Apparently you can Disable Find My Mac by resetting the NVRAM which is ridiculously easy to do. This can be prevented by setting a Firmware password, which has it’s own risks and benefits. Things to know.
  • Finally this week, not really tech related (Okay, Netflix related) but one of my favorite TV Series of all time is Gilmore Girls. A new “Year in the Life” series is coming to Netflix as a 4-part special and premiers on November 25. I love all my favorite shows and movies are all coming back again. Let’s just hope this is better than the X-Files reboot. Here’s the teaser announcement: