Katie's Week In Review: June 26, 2016

More information on Apple’s upcoming software releases are coming out post-WWDC and already the Internet is looking ahead to what may be coming in the Fall. Here are the links of note for the week ending June 26, 2016:

  • Apple this week officially discontinued the 27" Thunderbolt Display. Stephen Hackett of 512 pixels provides some history on the display that was released way back in 2011. What was somewhat surprising is that Apple has not yet released its much-anticipated successor. Apple is instead directing people towards third-party solutions, a very un-Apple like move. It almost leads you to question is there a retina display coming form Apple in the near future?
  • John Paczkowski of BuzzFeed thinks so. Juli Clover reporting for MacRumors says a New Thunderbolt Display with Integrated GPU is still in the works. Rumored release dates range anywhere from later this summer to sometime this fall alongside Retina MacBook Pros or Mac Pros.
  • Looking ahead to the next iPhone, there’s lots of speculation as to whether Apple will remove the headphone jack. Nilay Patel of the Verge says the move is user-hostile stupid. John Gruber breaks down the article and provides his own commentary.
  • If you were wondering about the lack of iPad specific features in iOS 10, you weren’t the only one. Federico Viticci of MacStories runs through what the iPad will get in iOS 10 and makes the case for why he thinks more is coming.
  • If you want to know more about the next Mac operating system, Jason Snell of Six Colors goes hands on with macOS Sierra and explores more in-depth some of the features that were mentioned in the keynote and shares some that weren’t. Wondering if your Mac will run macOS Sierra, Stephen Hackett breaks down the new system requirements. Many older machines (including my old Mac mini home server) fall off the supported list.
  • Dropbox made some big changes this week. A Blair Hanley Frank reports for Macworld, among the new features include support for read-only folders scanning capabilities on the iOS App and more fine-tuned control of file sharing form within the Mac App. I’ve been using Dropbox more and more recently and these new features are welcome.
  • I love my Apple TV and while the updates coming in tvOS this Fall aren’t revolutionary, they are welcome. I’m especially looking forward to the Continuity Keyboard. MacRumors has posted a nice video showing all the new features in tvOS. Single sign on is long overdue, but as someone who doesn’t have a Cable TV subscription, it sadly doesn’t do me much good.