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Katie's Week in Review: November 20, 2016

It’s been a busy technology week for me. My new MacBook Pro arrived and let’s just say our relationship hasn’t gotten off to the best start. I’ve reinstalled the OS (yes, on a brand new machine) and hopefully things will be better going forward. Due to my computer difficulties this week I have a somewhat abbreviated week in review for the week ending November 20, 2016:

  • MacBook Pro with Touch Bar review: Keyboard chameleon - I always enjoy Jason Snell’s reviews of Apple products. He spends most of his time looking at the new Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro which admittedly I have now found much of a use for. I plan to spend some more time with Jason’s review and hopefully find some practical uses for the Touch Bar in my own workflow.
  • Mossberg: The new MacBook Pro is a fast, slim tweener - Walt Mossberg gives a bit more skeptical look at the new MacBook Pro and notes that while this is a sleek and modern new machine, it is not without compromises.
  • “Designed by Apple in California” Chronicles 20 Years of Apple Design - Something I never saw coming, Apple has released a book featuring it’s products for the past 20 years, essentially the “Jony Ive era”. Starting at $200 it’s a little too steep for my likes and probably poor timing given the recent complaints about the price of Apple’s new products. Nevertheless, while I wouldn’t buy this book for myself, I have added it to my Christmas wish list. It is gorgeous after all.
  • Apple to Halve App Store Fees for Subscription Video Apps - Mac Rumors - Rumor has it that Apple has been giving preferred pricing to certain video partners for some time, now they’re making it official across the board. Will this be enough to bring Amazon over? Time will tell.
  • Sal Soghoian Leaves Apple - Sad news for the Mac community and potentially a disturbing sign for the future of automation on the Mac. Sal is “one of us” and his departure from Apple leaves me with many questions and concerns.
  • MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar Teardown - iFixit - iFixit takes apart the new Touch Bar MacBook Pros. Unfortunately this model has a soldered in place SSD (unlike the non-Touch Bar models) and iFixit gives this machine one of the lowest repairability scores ever. Just about any repair is going to be cost prohibitive and require a complete logic board replacement. Glad I opted for AppleCare.
  • Troubleshooting some nasty Safari malware | Macworld - Jason Snell recounts helping his sister who managed to come across some common Mac Malware. I’m seeing this more and more and Jason’s article has some great tips on how how to deal with this increasingly common problem.
  • Finally today, my pal Stephen Hackett, collector of all things Apple, has ordered Apple’s new book “Designed by Apple in California” and put together showcasing the book along with a collection of real life Apple products. It’s pretty cool. A special note, a black iPod Video that was previously owed by me makes an appearance at 1:37. I'm pleased to see my old gear is being put to good use!