Katie's Week In Review: November 22, 2015

We’re coming up on the Thanksgiving Holidays in the United States. That means the start of the Christmas season and things for most of us will start to get busy. Here’s a look at posts of interest for the week ending November 22, 2015.

  • Apple this week quietly introduced a new product, a disk-shaped Apple Watch Charging dock priced at $79. Personally, I’m not a fan as I think you can find better looking docks for much less money. But if you want the Apple solution, you can find it at the Apple Store.
  • Apple Pencils are finally starting to become available and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Writing for the Mac Observer, Jeff Gamet has a video review calling the Apple Pencil a New Breed of Stylus.
  • If you want to get yourself a little something for before the craziness of Black Friday, you may want to check out the latest Black Friday Mac Bundle from StackSocial which offers some great apps including drive Genius, BusyContacts, DaisyDisk, Dropzone and PDFpen.
  • Before you start your holiday shopping, you may want to up your security on your Amazon account. Amazon has recently implemented two-step authentication. Dan Moren writing for Six Colors explains.
  • Shawn Blanc is offering a free video course called The Elements of Focus. The course begins on December 13th and will cover 16 topics that he believes are the most important to meaningful productivity and doing your best creative work.
  • We recently had Austin Mann on Mac Power Users to talk about iPhone photography. This week he posted a behind he scenes video that explains his iPhone 6s and 6s Plus review.
  • I’m a big fan of offsite backup. writing for Macworld, Glenn Fleishman shares Five Lessons Learned When Switching Cloud-Hosted Backups. The article shares with you some common mistakes and things to think through when considering a change in backup providers.
  • David Sparks posted a piece this week on Convergence and examines contrasting positions taken by Apple and Microsoft over operating system convergence.
  • Finally, this week we recorded our annual Mac Power Users Geek Gift Guide. After recording the episode I came across another item I wish I had added to my list. thanks to this article by Bryan Chaffin Roost is a lithium 9-Volt battery with built in Wi-Fi that is designed for smoke alarms. The battery supposedly lasts 5 years and using a companion App will notify you in advance of low batteries and smoke alarms. At $35 each they’re much pricer than traditional 9V batteries, but not nearly as expensive as replacing your smoke detector with a new “smart” system. Roost is available now on Amazon.