Katie's Week in Review: October 16, 2016

Lots of criticism of Siri this week and a new Star Wars Trailer. Here are a few links of note for the week ending October 16, 2016:

  • Apple Launches Red Cross Donation Program For Hurricane Matthew Relief via iTunes - I was very fortunate that Hurricane Matthew skirted my area with no damage, others were not so fortunate. As they have done in the past, Apple is offering a way to easily donate to the Red Cross through iTunes.
  • Mossberg: Why does Siri seem so dumb? -  We’ve all been feeling it, technology columnist Walt Mossberg said it. Despite years of working with the technology Siri still can’t seem to comprehend or perform many basic tasks and is at risk of being leapfrogged by competition from Amazon and Google. When Walt talks, Apple generally listens. Hopefully they take this criticism to heart and have improvements for Siri in mind in the coming year.
  • The Inward-Looking Siri - Stephen Hackett wrote a follow-up piece on why Apple may choose to focus Siri more on inward looking features but acknowledges that Apple is quickly getting left behind in the AI race.
  • Amazon launches Music Unlimited service, including Echo-only plan - Speaking of Siri competitors, Amazon just launched it’s own Unlimited Music service, including a low-cost Echo-only plan. Dan Moren at Six Colors has the details. The full service costs $8 a month for prime subscribers or $79 a year. If you’re an Echo owner you can pay just $4 a month to stream music to the Echo-only. While the Echo isn’t the best bluetooth speaker, the low price may be enough to entice a few skeptics.
  • iPhone 7: Computer from the Future - Federico Viticci of MacStories shares his review of the iPhone 7 along with his review of new wireless headphones from Beats featuring the W1 chip.
  • Evernote Admits Bug Caused Data Loss for Some Mac Users - Seems like news just keeps getting worse for Evernote. As reported by Juli Clover from MacRumors some Evernote users received an email this week that “a small number of users” were hit by a serious bug in their Mac App that can cause images and other attachments to be deleted when using Evernote for Mac. The bug was apparently fixed in version 6.9.1 of the App and later which has been available through direct download and the Mac App store as of October 2nd.
  • Samsung Kills Off Note 7 After Second Round of Battery Fires - In what seems like the inevitable end to this saga, Yoolim Lee and Sohee Kim of Bloomberg report that Samsung has decided to halt sales of the Galaxy Note 7 after reports that the replacement phones were also susceptible to battery fires.
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  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer #2 - While Star Trek is my first love, Star Wars is probably my second. I can’t wait for Rogue One to hist theaters on December 16th. This story takes place immediately before the events of A New Hope and tells the story of the mission to steal the plans to the Death Star. The second trailer hit this week and it looks fantastic.