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Kickstarter: Snapnator - a MagSafe replacement

Well...that didn't take long. I didn't think MagSafe was that big of a deal. In fact, I can't remember MagSafe ever saving one of my computers before.

Today, my brand new 13" MacBook Pro was sitting on my desk and I had the cable lazily sprawled along the floor. As I was on the phone pacing (I like to walk when I talk) I got tangled up in the excess cord and managed to pull my MacBook Pro right off the desk.

My MacBook fell about 3 feet. Thankfully it was not in use at the time and slid onto very plush carpet. All is well. Lesson learned. MagSafe has probably saved my old computers more often than I can remember and I've now gone out and backed the Snapnator, a Kickstarter project to bring a MagSafe like replacement to the MacBook Pro. I picked up two, hopefully my Snapnators will be delivered in January.

If you need something now, Griffin makes the BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Cable. (Which as of this post is currently on sale on Amazon). 

The Snapnator has a few advantages, it will support full speed charging for the 15" MacBook Pros, it's a smaller form factor, and it will work with any USB-C Cable. On the other hand, the Griffin cable is from a known entity, it's available and shipping today and is built into the USB-C cable (which might be a pro or con) so there's nothing else to buy.

I underestimated the importance of MagSafe. I won't do that again.